Your Pontiac District 90 student will be transported by Pontiac 90\429 district buses.  If your child is normally scheduled to ride and will not be riding on certain days due to schedules, sickness or sports, please call (815) 842-1500 before 6:00am to report the absence on the bus.  

Eligible students will be transported to and from their home address only.  If your child needs to be picked up or dropped off at an alternate location you must first notify the school and get approval.  The school will then notify the transportation department of the alternate location for the drop off or pick up.

Please Note:  Changes to your child's transportation will require at least 24 hours notice.  

Transportation Department Phone Number:  (815) 842-1500

How to access bus route information:
The transportation department has issued two ways parents can access their child's transportation routes and information. You can either access it by the web or through an app. Choose the most convenient method for your family.

Traversa Ride 360 Website Guide
Traversa Ride 360 App Guide