Pontiac District 90 provides a wide variety of activities which address the physical, social, and academic interests of its students. Activities are open to all students. Students have opportunities to develop leadership skills, provide service to the school and community, and expand their special interests. Students are encouraged to avail themselves of the opportunity of joining at least one club. Any group interested in creating a school club must consult with the Principal on plans, ideas, and possible sponsorship.  For more information on our co-curricular activities, please click the link to our Student Handbook.  

Activity Sponsor Contact Information
Art Club

Nick Vogt

Chess Club

Senior Class Sponsor

Joseph Campbell
Linda Hoffman
Junior Class Sponsor

Danny Fiorini
Rachel Erschen

Sophomore Class Sponsor

Brad Christie
Ryan Woith
Freshmen Class Sponsor

Nathan Stein
Kim Hoss


Michael Soares
Brian Blair


Stephanie Nelson
Amy Richardson


Jesse Faber


Beth Kuerth

Key Club

Jack Bristow
Lori Bristow

Law Enforcement Club

Jack Bristow

Math Team

Jacob Krause

National Honor Society
Member Documentation

Laura Baumgardner
Peer Partners

Laura Baumgardner

Peers in Action

Laura Baumgardner


Jennifer Babb
April Schneeman

Post Prom Committee

Jack Bristow

PTHS Broadcasting

Gary Brunner

Scholastic Bowl

Kaleigh Buchanan
Thomas McElwee

Science Club

Paul Ritter

Special Olympics

Dawn Mack

Student Council

Joseph Durbin
Cal Hackler

Technology Club

Doug Masching


Scot Schickel
Joseph Durbin

Pontiac Peer Club The mission of The Pontiac Peer Club is to create a positive environment within the school and serve as an outlet for our peers to utilize when struggling with difficulties in their own lives.

Are you struggling with a problem? Do you need to sit down and talk with a member of our Peer Club about a difficult situation you’re going through?

To get connected with a member of the Pontiac Peer Club please contact the Assistant Principal.  Members are expected to be respectful and kind with any peers they interact with.  Discussions are to be held confidentially unless there is a risk to someone’s safety.  All discussions are to always be non-judgmental.  All members are expected to be supportive and positive.